Low Light Pistol - Charlevoix, Michigan. September 18, 2021

Low Light Pistol - Charlevoix, Michigan. September 18, 2021

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Low Light Pistol class dives into what changes with our tactics as night falls. This class will start in bright daylight, then transition through all of the stages of transitional lighting as the darkness sets in. Students will learn handheld light tactics during shooting and weapon manipulation, one handed shooting, use of cover/concealment, positive threat identification, WML and handheld techniques and much more! Class is 6pm-10:00pm at the Charlevoix Rod & Gun Club.

Students must already have safe weapon handling and manipulation engrained. This is not a beginners class, and all students must have prior approved formal pistol training from Adept Defense or other instructors.

Required Gear:

Reliable quality semi-automatic pistol

Quality holster made for the model of pistol - no universal nylon holsters - no SERPA holsters

250 rounds of ammo

At lease 3 magazines, magazine pouch recommended - plate carrier optional 

Quality handheld light with plenty of spare batteries, weapon mounted light optional 

Eye protection, ear protection (electronic preferred)

2 glow sticks (found on amazon or Wal-Mart camping department) 

Tourniquet carried on-body - optional

Plenty of water and snacks to keep your mind sharp throughout class. 

*No refunds - If you enroll in a class and can not attend, you will be able to transfer into another class of equal value - schedule change must be made at least 14-days prior to your original scheduled class date. 

*Must be a US citizen and legally own your pistol.