Defensive Pistol Fundamentals; Charlevoix, Michigan. June 17th, 2022

Defensive Pistol Fundamentals; Charlevoix, Michigan. June 17th, 2022

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Defensive Pistol Fundamentals lays the foundation for strong fundamental shooting skills that are necessary before building up to more advanced training. This class covers safe weapon handling, shooting fundamentals, draw stroke with retention, reloads, malfunctions and much more with a defensive context. This is a great 'next step' after getting your CPL.

Class time is 6pm-9:30pm. 

Location; Charlevoix Rod & Gun Club - pistol range

Required gear,

Reliable semi-automatic pistol

150-200 rounds of ammo

Quality holster that is made for your specific pistol - no universal nylon or SERPA holsters. If you are in need of a quality holster, check out and use coupon code 'Adept Defense' to receive 10% off your entire purchase.

At lease 2 magazines

Magazine pouch recommended but not required

Eye protection and ear protection (electronic recommended)

Appropriate clothing for the weather

Notebook and pen highly recommended. 

*Refunds will only be made if the class is cancelled. If you cannot attend the class you signed up for, you will be able to transfer into another class of equal value as long as the change is made at least 14 days prior to your original scheduled class. 

*Must be US citizen and legally own your pistol.